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The NDIA updates its Price Guide annually, effective from 1 July each year.

An important part of the NDIA’s role as market steward is ensuring the right balance between providers operating in a viable, competitive market and value for participants.

This is in line with the NDIA’s aim to facilitate improved economic and social outcomes for participants in a way that remains consistent with its aim to foster the development of a vibrant and innovative market for disability supports.

New prices for the 2018/19 financial year can be found in the myplace provider portal and Pricing and Payments page on the NDIA website.

Participant plans have been adjusted automatically in the CRM to reflect changes to price limits effective from 1 July.

Providers may not have to wait until service agreements with participants have expired before charging the new prices, if their agreement allows for this.

In all cases, providers and participants must agree on any changes to services, including prices, before the support is delivered.

The NDIA Price Guide is not a comprehensive list of all available supports, nor does it prescribe the only supports funded by the NDIS. The Price Guide only lists supports that are subject to price controls.
A comprehensive listing of support ‘line items’ is available under ‘Support Catalogue – CSV Files’ on the Pricing and Payments page on the NDIS website.

There are four Price Guides, one for each of the following areas:

  • NSW/Vic/Qld/Tasmania
  • Remote areas
  • Very remote areas

The only differences between the Guides are price limits for some supports and services.

Prices noted in the Price Guide are the maximum that can be claimed against NDIS participants’ budgets.

The rate you offer must be agreed with the participant prior to the support being provided.

These price limits are in place to ensure that participants receive value for money in the supports and services they receive. This is an important measure for many participants, especially in disability support markets that are immature or where there are few options for participants to choose from.



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